Index of Monsters

What: Ghosts of Franken Castle
Where: Franken Castle
Who: "Big Bob" Oakley (alias, The Actor)
Why: Was frightening people from the castle so he could search for the treasure
What: The mummy of Ankha
Where: Dept. of Archeology
Who: Dr. Najib
Why: Wanted to scare the kids into giving him a valuable coin
What: The Witch and Zombie of Swamp's End
Where: Swamp's End
Who: Zeb Perkins and Zeke
Why: Wanted to scare people off while they searched for a sunken armored car
What: The ghost of Redbeard
Where: Skull Island
Who: C. L. Magnus
Why: Was trying to stave off bankruptcy by stealing cargo from his own ships

What: "It"
Where: Abandoned air field
Who: Henry Bascombe
Why: Was trying to scare off neighbors so he could buy their land cheap